Acoustics Acoustics


Sound Design International provides solutions for all acoustic needs. Our goal is to help control the acoustical environment to achieve the best sound possible. With our hassle-free designs, rest-assured the customized experience provided will leave your audience focusing on what is most important – the message. Through applying acoustic principles, we can help control sound reverberation, absorption, diffraction, and reflection. Our services also include acoustical modeling with aural simulations so you can hear what a room sounds like long before it’s even built.

Controlling the Acoustic Environment
There is nothing quite as exhilarating as the swell of an orchestra or as enlightening as a well-delivered speech, but it needs to be heard to be felt. At Sound Design International, we help control the environment to get what is truly needed – clarity. We understand complex acoustic principles such as reflection (the sound waves bouncing off walls, chairs, flooring, ceilings, etc.), absorption (the sound waves absorbing into walls, chairs, flooring, ceilings, etc.), and refraction & diffraction (the bending of sound waves around surfaces and objects, or bending with temperature or air pressure change) to best serve your needs. Let us help you plan for acoustical challenges.

Achieving the Best Sound Possible
What will the shape of the room look like? What is the size of the audience? What needs to be communicated? No two rooms are exactly alike, and Sound Design International strives to answer these questions and many more in its acoustic designs. A large concert hall has different needs than an intimate conference room setting. There is no cookie-cutter approach to these applications and we take pride in ensuring that your needs - and the needs of your audience - are exceeded. Working hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, and owners, we help select the shape, size, and materials needed for a successful acoustical design with the best sound possible.

Simulations to Help You Plan
Just as architectural renderings can help you see a design before it is built, at Sound Design International, our skilled consultants can create computer models to help you hear a design before it is built. These simulations take into account all acoustical elements affecting the space, giving them the ability to accurately predict the environment and plan accordingly. This gives you the power and confidence to know you will be heard exactly as you require.